The Dancing Farmer

This is the home page of The Dancing Farmer and a link to Ðancing Farmer Flowers.

As always we welcome you!

Please look around as we have a BLOG and pages about our various livestock for you to see. You can always contact us with thoughts, questions or comments through our email: thedancingfarmer (at) yahoo (dot) com

We are a small farm near Chattanooga Tennessee that is progressing towards as much self sufficiency as possible in both food and energy. Our goal is to supply the majority of our food, and our livestock’s, on our small farm. We prefer to raise heritage/rare breed animals and are members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) and American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA #D462)

We currently have 6.5 acres with grazing access to a bit more when we have time to fence and use it. We raise a number of animals and will be offering them for sale to others when we have excess that is worthy of being sold as breeding stock, so please check our For Sale page. Occasionally we do feed non certified bagged food since it is still either too expensive or too difficult to find organic in our area. We try to avoid it as much as possible though either by outright substitute of something else or buy growing it ourselves. However, since we will occasionally have animals for sale we will always mention if they are fed other than all “natural” (code for organic if you are not U.S. certified)

We have always gardened organically (more than 20 years under our belts) and have always felt strongly about this. Eventually we hope to offer seeds but that may be another year still. We will of course never be able to compete with larger companies but will be able to offer plants that do well in our area to others near us. Again, check our for sale page.

Energy wise we have over the years added the normal projects of insulation and improved windows to our home and done tons of remodeling projects that have moved us towards some of our goals. We will now be working on projects like Evacuated tube collectors to heat our home and possibly some methane production to run our stove when we can during the year. These projects will be as time permits so come hang out with us as we blog about what we do here.